Posted February 14, 2014 by admin in Trends

5 creative date ideas for Valentine’s Day

New Delhi: After a few years of courtship it becomes more and more difficult to find out what you should do for a date. Here are some great ideas to help you out.

1. Revisit your childhood: Make the day special for your beloved by taking her out to one of her favourite childhood destinations. It can be a park in the locality she grew up in, or at India Gate at midnight to share an ice-cream. It could even be a amusement park that she has mentioned a few times. The look of the surprise and nostalgia on her face would be worth it.

2. Volunteer at a charity organisation: Spread the love and visit a charitable organisation and volunteer together. The joy of sharing will add to your love.

3. Picnic at the zoo: Spend your Valentine`s day at the local zoo. Sounds like a dated plan but not many people go to the zoo anymore and you would find your privacy and can also have a small picnic.

4. Re-construct your first date: It may have been at the local coffee shop. If you remember what she was wearing and can gift her the same outfit to wear again – it may turn out to be the best gift you have ever given her… as remembering your first date is such a turn on for all the women in the world.

5. Be the tourist: You would be surprised how much you don`t know about your city. Pick up some sandwiches and drinks and go for an all day guided tour of the city you and your girlfriend/wife lives in. Take the public transport and make a day of it visiting all old monuments, museums and parks in the city… it may be exhausting, but you will definitely have a lot of fun. End it with a nice quiet dinner at a local cafe.