Posted February 14, 2014 by admin in Trends

5 Signs that show you are meant to be

New Delhi: Relationships are meant to be built. Together with your loved one you build a lifetime of love and friendship. But it is not always easy to find the right person. How do you tell that you have met your perfect match. There are some tell-tale signs. Here are 5 signs that can assure you that you are with the right person:

1. You tell him/her things you don`t tell anyone else: It may not be a deep dark secret, but it may just be a moment of weakness that you don`t really tell everyone else for the fear of judgement. If your better half listens to you patiently and does not judge you, stay hooked. He/she is the right one for you.
2. You ready for him/her to meet your parents: If you have the confidence that your love can meet your parents and impress them, then surely the love has grown and the person is right, because most parents can be critical of your choice. Mostly because they want the best for you.
3. Both of you can argue without the thought of winning: Love and relationships are never a `I vs you` situation. It is not that in an argument someone has to win. It has to be healthy and it should not get personal. If you and your partner can do that you are meant to spend your lives together.
4. He/she can make you laugh: It may sound obvious but after the `Honeymoon period` of a relationship is over it may become hard to have funny moments together. If your love can make you smile even after years of courtship, he/she is the right person to tie the knot with.
5. You don`t feel jealous: As surprising and unromantic as it may sound, jealousy is only good for sometime. Lack of jealousy does not equal to lack of passion. It just means you really have been able to build trust. If the trust is their then make sure you don`t lose that person as it is difficult to find someone who does.