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A Lazy Guy’s Party Dressing Guide

Come December and the party tunes begin to whistle in your ears! So many parties to be attended, so many drinks to be downed, so many steps to be rehearsed to the foot tapping numbers that the DJs play. Amongst these, no man wants to get into the “What to wear” conundrum. Let’s face it, dressing well and differently, to every single party, can pressurize any sartorialist. To ensure that you have a good time and not be stuck in a style rut, we have come with the perfect party dressing guide for quick, easy and smart dressing.

To list the staple first, we’ll say a good party shirt/(s) are a must-have. Invest in shirts that are slightly different from what you would to wear to work.

– Basic buttoned-down shirts in different patterns and prints. If you don’t want to experiment with complicated ones, stick to tartans. They are classic and smart.

– Structured shirts with constructed collars. Can be of any type, but, must be well-fitted.

– Your party shirt should be full of subtle detailing, like, piping along the edges, patterned pockets, an elbow patch and mismatched colours to name a few.

– Stock up on different colours; you don’t have to stick to basic hues.

– Shirts made from fabrics which have a slight shimmer is a good idea. Cotton mixed with silk, raw silk & cotton mixed with polyester are some examples.

Next comes bottom wear, to go with your shirts. Style your shirts with khakis, jeans, knee-length shorts, Jodhpuri trousers and slacks. If you choose to wear a printed shirt, then, opt for plain bottom wear and vice- versa.

Accessorize your look with:

– Hoard jackets and cardigans. Patterned or plain in different colours. Stay away from jackets that are too formal. You can also opt for a sharply cut suit – again, non-work wear is a good choice here.

– Pocket squares, minus ties, can add a lot of charm to your look.

– Tinted sunglasses in different colors. But, remember to wear them to a daylight party only.

– A good pair of closed feet shoes and fresh socks in white or black color unless you opt for moccasins or loafers.

– At any point, your outfit should not contain more than two patterns or prints on the whole.

A man who dresses well knows to play well. Wear your best clothes and walk into the thumping sound with eternal swagger!


Article written by Smrithi Rao