Posted January 3, 2014 by admin in News

Aamir Khan showers praises on Arvind Kejriwal

Right now two AKs are trending in India, Aamir Khan and Arvind Kejriwal. While the former is currently wowing film aficionados with the stupendous success of Dhoom 3, the latter is today the toast of the common people of India and a major cause of migraine for national political parties. What made a pretty picture though was seeing Aamir congratulating Arvind on his victory. Not one to mince words on social issues, Aamir told the media that he was happy with the political revolution brought about by Aam Aadmi Party.

“I think there are two significant things that emerge from what has happened in Delhi. For the first time we see a political entity which is offering us something totally unique as compared to what any other political party has ever offered us. The second thing is people have responded in equal amount of excitement to the promise and hope that Arvind has offered. So full credit to Delhi people for having chosen to go with an entity that is unique and offering us what no one else has offered us before.”

Showering praise on the new Delhi CM, Aamir said that the uniqueness in Arvind’s strategy lay in the fact that he has not professed to rule the people who elected him. “Unlike other political parties which say that give us your votes and we will rule you well, Arvind hasn’t said that give me your votes and I will rule you. What he has said is that you will continue to rule yourself and I will be conduit or the instrument through which democracy can be carried forward. I think that is the fundamental difference between what Arvind is saying and what other political parties are saying,” Aamir was quoted saying.

Well, now we know what Aamir thinks of Arvind. What would be interesting to hear is what Arvind thinks about Aamir. We don’t know if the super busy CM has found time yet to watch the perfectionist Khan’s latest action flick –Dhoom 3– that is currently running to packed houses.