Posted August 18, 2014 by admin in TV

Aditya will never come in my way of deciding what films I want to do – Rani Mukerji

Post marriage, it’s not uncommon to see Indian actresses turning coy and refusing to do roles that involve kissing and other acts of love making. From Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Kareena Kapoor Khan, marriage has certainly changed many actresses in Bollywood. The bold and beautiful suddenly turn coy and simple. But the same doesn’t hold true for Rani Mukerji who feels marriage will not be an impediment when it comes to choosing films.

“It’s an actor’s individualistic choice and it also depends on whether she comes from a family which is not very modern in their outlook or is she married into a family which doesn’t give her the liberty to do certain things.”

Explaining why things will not change for her, Rani says, “I am married to Aditya who is both a producer and director and I think his mindset is very modern. I don’t think he will ever come in my way of deciding what I want to do or what kind of films I want to be a part of. For us film means work. It is not something we look at from a common man’s point of view. Every film’s story is a subject which needs to be told in a proper way. So we portray it in a certain way. We are those people who breathe life into the character of a story. So if I am playing a cop, I am not a cop but playing the character. If there is a love story that touches my heart then I will do it because I love the story and want the story to be told. So when you get married, it’ s a very personal choice of that individual of how she wants to go about her career. Today every actor is scrutinized for his or her choice of work. If the actor has a hit, she is praised. But if she has a flop, people criticize her bad choice of movies. So scrutiny comes whether unmarried or married. At the end of the day, one whether married or unmarried should do things which he or she likes to do.”

Rani also feels that the bias is particularly present on in Bollywood as compared to other industries. “There is no bias in any other profession as far as married women go. So why has there got to be a bias in films? Your work pattern doesn’t change after marriage. Similarly when a girl goes through motherhood whatever profession you are in, it is your individualistic choice whether you want to leave your child alone and come to work or work from home. As actors we can’t work from home. So it is a personal decision of how one wants to be after marriage and motherhood. For instance, I don’t know what my decision is going to be after becoming a mother. How I want to go ahead with my journey in films after becoming a mother? But as long as I am in love with my profession and very passionate about my work, I would like to give 100 percent of myself.”

Mardaani will open in cinema screens across India on 22 August.