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Ajay Devgn does it in style without Sonakshi in Action Jackson

So impressed is Ajay Devgn by his own dancing skills as displayed under Prabhu Dheva’s subtle supervision that he has now volunteered to do a solo dance piece in Action Jackson.

According to sources, Prabhu put Ajay on the screen with the director’s resident dancing diva Sonakshi to cover up Ajay’s inadequacies as a dancer.

“But after getting really cool moves out of Ajay in Sonakshi’s company both Ajay and Prabhu have decided to incorporate a solo dance number for the film’s hero,” says the source.

So far Ajay Devgn has not only been awkward about dancing on screen he has also been shy of being subjected to our choreographers brassy moves.

In fact his attempts to do loud loutish steps in Himmatwala’s notorious Bum pe laat and Taaki re taaki numbers eventuated in Ajay clamming up on his plans to dance for Prabhu Dheva in Action Jackson.

Says a source, “Prabhu Dheva promised some serious dancing from Ajay in Action Jackson. But after Himmatwala Ajay very honestly confessed to Prabhu that he wasn’t in the mood to make a fool of himself. Prabhu had to do a whole lot of convincing before Ajay jumped into rhythm.”

Prabhu told Ajay not to worry.

“I will take care of your steps and Sonakshi is there to make sure you come out looking good while dancing,” Prabhu told Ajay.

Apparently the results are so good and Ajay was so pleased to see himself dancing on screen that he agreed to do a whole unscheduled solo dancing piece in Action Jackson.

Confirming Devgan’s newly-discovered dancing shoes Prabhu Dheva says, “Ajay is mind-blowing in the dancing. I don’t know why he has the reputation of being a bad dancer. He is a conservative reserved dancer. Obviously the steps I gave him had to be very different from the steps I gave Akshay Kumar in Rowdy Rathod or Shahid Kapoor in R Rajkumar.”

Prabhu says Devgan’s dancing binge started as a pair with Sonakshi and then moved solo. “I first made Ajay do a number with Sonakshi. When that worked out fabulously we did a solo dance number with Ajay. When audiences see Ajay dancing they will rub their eyes in disbelief. His steps are very classy and stylish. But nonetheless peppy and energetic.”

Apparently Devgn loves his new dancing avatar.

“He says he wants to try out more steps. He loves to dance,” says Prabhu who has now moved into his new home where he’s very happy.

“I love my new home. It’s sunny and much more spacious than my first home,” says Prabhu happily.

He plans to throw his first house party where Ajay Devgn will show off his newly-acquired dancing skills.

Ahh…way to go Ajay!!!