Posted January 21, 2014 by admin in Bollywood

I am not Daisy’s Godfather but she deserves to be in Bollywood – Salman Khan

There is a famous Bollywood folklore. If you are close to Bhai (Salman) then you will go the distance in Bollywood. There are a few notable examples in form of Himesh Reshammiya, Katrina Kaif, and Sajid-Wajid among others. Then there are those like Zarine Khan, Sneha Ullal and a few others who made it into tinsel town only because of the magnanimous Khan. But despite giving a break and mentoring many newcomers in this industry, Salman refuses to acknowledge that he is a ‘Godfather.’

When asked if he can be considered as Daisy Shah’s Godfather, Salman growled, “There is no Godfather thing. If you like somebody, then you feel like you want to work with them. Everybody in this industry is looking for a break. I am here today because somebody gave me a break in this industry. So why can’t I reciprocate back by giving a break to someone else. If you find that someone and have the courage to launch him or her and also the faith that the person will do well, then why not? Even I was launched by J.K. Bihari and Sooraj Barjatya and I haven’t forgotten that. So when I see that someone is good and has that quality then I strongly feel that they should be given a break.”

Elaborating on why he thought Daisy deserved a break, Salman said, “Daisy is from the same line of work as my mother, Helen aunty is. Daisy was a dancer first, then an assistant choreographer and later did some south films. Today she is the right candidate to be launched in Bollywood than some model coming in who doesn’t even know the language well. One signs a model because she is a beautiful looking girl. Then you have to train that person because you know that person will look gorgeous on screen and then it’s her hard work that decides how well she will fare in the film. However, Daisy is already from the industry. She is a dancer, a good actor and will look good on screen as well. What else do our movies need? When you initially promote a movie for the first three months, you promote it on the strength of its songs. So if she has danced well in the songs and faced the camera earlier and is not conscious about it and knows what to do, then she deserves to be in the Bollywood.”

Godfather or not, Daisy sure is Salman’s blue-eyed girl for the moment. For someone who rejected Salman’s offer to play the second lead in Bodyguard, Daisy should consider herself extremely lucky to have been chosen by him to play his leading lady in Jai Ho!!!