Posted January 29, 2014 by admin in News

Indian-born engineer creates 3D printer that makes pizzas for astronauts

Washington: An Indian-origin engineer, who works for the Texas-based Systems & Materials Research Corporation, claims to have developed a 3D printer that can print food and pizza for astronauts on long missions.

Anjan Contractor, a mechanical engineer, had won a $125,000 grant from NASA last year to create a prototype 3D printer aimed at providing nutritious and delicious foods to astronauts in space instead of canned and freeze-dried pre-packaged foods they currently use.

According to Fastcoexist.com, Contractor’s goal was to print a pizza with his 3D printer – and it looks like he has succeeded.

The printer would be able to lay out all the starches, proteins, fats, texture, and structure, spraying on flavour, smell, and micro-nutrients at the end, said Contractor.

It took about 70 seconds to cook the pizza after the 3D printer finished doing its thing, added Contractor in his YouTube page.