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Ishqbaaz SPOILER ALERT: Shivaay To Find Anika’s Family; Mansi Srivastava To Enter The Show!

In Ishqbaaz, we saw how Anika (Surbhi Chandna)
gets Mahi’s blood and sends it for DNA test to know the
relationship between Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Mahi. As we revealed
earlier, Pinky tries to create tension between Anika and

Apparently, Pinky gets to know that Anika is orphan. She
provokes Shivaay against Anika to know about her past. But, instead
of leaving Anika, Shivaay decides to help her by finding her
parents! Read on to know the upcoming twist…

Shivaay Consoles Anika

In the upcoming episode, Shivaay recalls Anika’s words – she
doesn’t know her khandaan. He promises that he will never let her
feel sad. While Shivaay will be engrossed in his thought, Anika
kicks him off the bed!

Shivaay & Anika

Shivaay & Anika

Shivaay initially thinks Anika might have seen a bad dream, but
again she kicks him. He shouts at her, while Anika gets scared and
think thief entered there room!

Anika Challenges Shivaay

Anika Challenges Shivaay

Shivaay and Anika challenge and start hand wrestling. Ankia
boosts about her strength, while Shivaay makes fun of her. Both
share a funny and romantic moment.

Shivaay Takes Sahil's Help

Shivaay Takes Sahil’s Help

In the upcoming episode, we will see, Shivaay taking Sahil’s
help to find Anika’s parents. Sahil reveals to Shivaay that his
father had got her from an orphanage.

Shivaay & Anika's Plans

Shivaay & Anika’s Plans

While Shivaay visits the orphanage to find her parents, Anika
goes to the hospital to get the DNA reports. Both Anika and Shivaay
are unaware of their plan.

Shivaay Promises Sahil

Shivaay Promises Sahil

Shivaay also promises to Sahil that after knowing the truth,
nothing between his sister (Anika) and him will change. He also
asks Sahil not to tell about this to Anika.

Pinky Follows Shivaay To The Orphanage

Pinky Follows Shivaay To The

Pinky overhears Shivaay and Sahil’s conversation and follows him
to the orphanage. At orphanage Shivaay gets Anika’s details.

Is Neha Quitting The Show?

Is Neha Quitting The Show?

Recently, it was reported that Nehalaxmi Iyer aka Saumya has
quit the show, which left the fans berserk. Later, there was also
speculation that said Neha is not quitting the show but is on a

Mansi Srivastava To Enter The Show!

Mansi Srivastava To Enter The

Now, there are reports the makers are planning to bring a new
love track for Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo). Apparently, Mansi Srivastava
has been roped in for the same.

New Love Track For Leenesh Aka Rudra?

New Love Track For Leenesh Aka

The actress will soon begin shooting. While Mansi is yet to
confirm about her entry, producer Gul Khan was quoted by an
entertainment portal as saying, “Not yet, we are looking at more
girls (sic)”.

In the previous episode, how Anika gets upset after knowing that
Shivaay is worried thinking about her ‘khandaan’. She leaves Oberoi

Pinky is happy and asks Shivaay to divorce Anika. But, Shivaay
gets angry at her and leaves.

With Sahil’s help, Shivaay gets to know that Anika is in
Chanda’s house. He goes to Chanda’s place, but their ‘water drama’
starts. Anika pours water on Shivaay and refuses to return home.
She shuts the door.

Shivaay gets angry and later he throws water at her.
Shivaay then picks Anika in his arms, while people around tries to
stop them.

He asks them not to interfere as it is their personal matter. He
reveals that Anika is his wife. When the people confirm the same
from Anika, they do not stop them.

Anika gets emotional and tells him that she can fight with whole
world but not the God.

Shivaay tries to console her and tell her that he didn’t mean to
hurt her, but Anika is still upset with him.


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