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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: Erica Fernandes Comes Out In Support Of Shaheer Sheikh Again!

Television heart-throb Shaheer Sheikh, is juggling with
multiple projects in hand, including his hit TV show, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
and a few Indonesian projects. Last month, the actor’s absence from
the sets of KRPKAB raised many eyebrows, while he was in Indonesia
for his work commitments.

A few haters even called him ‘irresponsible’ fot taking long
breaks from the show, but his co-star and ‘good friend’ Erica
Fernandes defended Shaheer’s absence through a lengthy post on her
Twitter handle.

Well, it does not end here. Recently, a mother and daughter duo
came to visit Shaheer on the sets. Owing to his tight schedule, the
actor was unable to spend time with them! They reportedly created a
scene and and even stated that he has an ego issue!

While Shaheer chose to ignore the issue, Erica came out in
support of the actor and stated that he was not wrong at all, in a
lengthy message on Twitter. Read on to know

Erica’s Message

Erica came out in support of her co-star and good friend,
Shaheer. She posted a message on Twitter and captioned it as, “Not
trying to demean anyone or disrespect anyone. But i am not going to
support anyone trying to spoil a persons name for no fault of

'Shaheer Did Not Disrespect Anyone', Says Erica

‘Shaheer Did Not Disrespect
Anyone’, Says Erica

“Clearing a few things out.. for while i was there and was a
witness to what happened. Shaheer did not disrespect anyone neither
did he insult anyone. We 3 artist were rehearsing in a room on sets
when 2 ladies (mother and daughter) came without permission on the
sets knocking on the door n then opend the door and asked shaheer
to meet them .. he very respectfully told them that we were
rehearsing and are busy right now.”

Shaheer & Erica Left To Shoot A Scene

Shaheer & Erica Left To
Shoot A Scene

“She asked when can when can we meet you and he replied you can
meet with the production guys. After which we left for the scene
and they were standing at the door of the room which is ethically
not right for anyone to do.”

The Lady Insulted Shaheer

The Lady Insulted Shaheer

“The production guys asked them to move while we were going back
to the room and then the lady started to insult shaheer loudly
creating a scene for no reason saying he has a big ego and this ego
is not good while he didnt do or say anything.”

Shaheer Stopped Production Guys From Calling The Security

Shaheer Stopped Production Guys
From Calling The Security

“Listening to this the production guys didnt like their
behaviour and asked them to leave, when the lady dint spoke yelling
they decided to call the security. Nothing was said or done by
shaheer. Infact he stopped the production guys from calling the

Erica Supports Shaheer

Erica Supports Shaheer

“Firstly, no one is supposed to come without permission on sets
.. 2ndly you arent supposed to knock on the door of the artist, you
need to talk to someone from the production team if you can meet /
when can you meet the artist.”

“These are basic rules followed on any set. Even media
personnels are not allowed to knock on our doors directly. They hv
to speak with the production team and then they speak with us.”

“And the 2 ladies had not informed or taken permission from
anyone on the sets that they would be coming or they wanted to meet
with us. I just thought for youll to judge or comment on this youll
should know the actual, non biased truth of what happened that day
on set,” concluded Erica.

Well, at least after this, all the speculations should be put to


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