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I have never regretted being in love with Abu Salem: Monica Bedi

To many, her story might seem like one right out of a romantic-thriller, where a simple girl falls for a gangster and the picture is not as rosy as it seems. But there is a lot more to her than just being constantly linked to a man she shouldn’t have been in love with. Amidst the controversy, the media glitz, glamour and a haunting past, Monica Bedi has emerged victorious. She has managed to carve her own identity and make a place in the industry with her dignity and integrity intact.

The beautiful lady goes down the memory lane and recounts her journey into the acting space. She excerpts, “My journey into acting has been a roller coaster affair. I have thoroughly enjoyed every phase of it. I was always passionate about acting and now that I am living my dream there is nothing more I could ask for. So I feel very blessed and happy to be a part of an industry like this.”

Rather than being constantly referred to as “Abu Salem’s ex-girlfriend”, Monica Bedi does have a separate identity that needs to grab the public eye. The soft-spoken lady says, “I am shy as a person but at the same time I am honest and loyal. I personally believe honesty and loyalty are virtues everybody should inculcate because it is difficult to find honest people.”

After flaunting her talent and passion for acting through her repertoire of work in Bollywood and Tollywood, she has swept the audience off their feet with her portrayal of Gumaan in Sphere Origin’s Saraswatichandra on the popular entertainment channel Star Plus. What is it that she has enjoyed more?

The poised and serene actress smiles saying, “Now this is difficult to tell. Working in television and Bollywood differs at many levels. Television is hectic and pressurizing since there are long working hours. We have to deliver an episode every day. So there is a lot more pressure. Bollywood on the other hand has a greater budget and though you get time to relax you cannot be sure about the outcome. Television on the other hand is more relatable. You connect a lot more to the audience. You are a part of their daily life. I love both equally.”

Very diplomatic. We must say!

The popularity of Saraswatichandra, and Gumaan specifically is commendable. She has a crazy fan following and has made many hearts flutter with her style, beauty and her mysterious character. While describing Gumaan’s character in a nutshell she excerpts, “I am completely in love with the character and the name of Gumaan. Her name itself means- pride. She is too full of herself. She is confident, powerful, graceful, poised and classy. She is an exceptional dancer. She can even be loud and in the face at times, and can sure drop jaws with her ‘shadyantras’. She has a peculiar style which is her own. She is original and does not give up easily.”

On her curious past and her love story with the underworld gangster Abu Salem, here is what Monica has to say, “It is over and done. It is a part of my life that I have left behind. I don’t wish to look back. It was long ago and there is no point in discussing something that doesn’t matter anymore. But all I can say is that since Abu is happily married, I am genuinely happy for him. I wish him all the very best in his new life. He has moved on in life and so have I.”

A determined and strong Monica Bedi adds, “I have never regretted being in love with Abu Salem. I think whatever happened was destiny. You don’t plan to fall in love with anybody. Love cannot be planned. If you think it is planned, then it isn’t love in the first place. Whatever happened with me was a part of my destiny. I have faced it and come out clean. I am not ashamed of anything.”

The elegant and down-to-earth actress is optimistic about things in life and says, “I strongly believe in love, relationships and marriage. I am open to it and I believe things will happen as and when they have to happen.”

“I feel extremely blessed. I thank God for the strength he has bestowed me with. And that has helped me overcome my fears and insecurities in life. And above all, I have to thank my parents. They have supported and stood by me in my weakest moments and have served as strong pillars, and have kept me grounded. It is only because of them that I am living a normal life today”, admits Monica.

Is she happy with her screen-space in Saraswatichandra?

“My character Gumaan has always been loved and appreciated. My track has received the importance it deserved. I am very happy. In fact after my comeback in the show on public demand, I was in every frame when my track was going on. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it is the quality and not the length of a character that makes a difference.” Well said Monica!

The pretty actress is also looking forward to doing something interesting in the industry.

“I am open to challenges. I am not keen on doing the typical roles that I have been doing. I am looking forward to doing something different and challenging. I want to play a strong and novel character. I have been listening to some impressive Bollywood scripts and I hope it works out. I don’t want to work just for the heck of it. I want to explore and try something out of my comfort zone”, says the appealing actress.

As she bids adieu to us, she has a final message for her fans, “I would just say that your love and appreciation has made me what I am today. I am indebted to all of you. Your appreciation has motivated and strengthened me to achieve my objective. Keep loving and supporting me. I will work whole-heartedly and give my best to entertain you guys.”

Well-said, Monica!!