Posted December 31, 2013 by admin in News

New Year 2014: Top 5 Interesting Resolutions People Make

New Delhi: As the spirit of New Year sets in, hopes of fulfilling new ambitions too make their way into your new wish list. As a result, a brand new record of resolutions to be fulfilled comes into being. While, a handful of spirited ones realise their goals, there are many lazy creatures out there, who drop their resolutions like a hot potato.

Taking a cue from this fact, we have picked the most popular New Year resolutions that people make (and break)! Here you go:

Lose weight: This is one of the most sought-after goal throughout the length and the breadth of the world. And why not, after all everyone needs some kind of motivation to lose all those extra kilos piled on during the festive season. And there is nothing better than a New Year to do that.

Make more money: Money is something that one can never have enough of. Everyone desires to be financially sound, and hence the resolution.

A clutter free mind: It is that time of the year when old, forsaken and bad memories are deleted from the inbox of your mind for the new ones to get in.

Climb up the career ladder: In the corporate world with cut-throat competition everywhere, everyone desires to enjoy the meaty share of the pie.

Be more spiritual and loving: Cherishing small joys and being nearer to the loved ones is another most sought-after resolution for everyone.