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I have been offered roles opposite almost everybody in this industry – Parineeti Chopra

There is no denying that Parineeti is one of the best and perhaps the most promising newcomers to have emerged from the new crop of actors. Spontaneous and extremely versatile in her acting, Parineeti manages to spring a surprise with every release of hers. On the eve of the release of her latest movie, Hasee Toh Phasee, we caught up with the bubbly actress at Karan Johar’s office to discuss movies and more.

What exactly is your role in Hasee Toh Phasee?
I try to choose roles that are different as well as interesting in nature. In Hasee Toh Phasee, I play Meeta who is a genius scientist inventing big things. But just like every other genius on the face of this earth, she is also a bit mad or yeda as you call it in Hindi. So my character is someone whose eyes will always be open, tongue will be out and you will see me doing crazy stuff like eating toothpaste. She is this really weird character. It’s a really different but cool character.

So how crazy is Parineeti in real life?
(Laughs) No yaar. Not at all. I am a very enthusiastic, bright and friendly person but certainly not mad. I think I was playing myself only in Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl. Meeta is mad but not medically mad. She is different.

How difficult was it to play Meeta?
It was a challenge because I didn’t have a reference point so to speak while preparing for this role. But then it was also fun because I had the complete freedom to do whatever I wanted to.

How was it working with Sidharth?
The very first day when I saw Sidharth I thought he doesn’t talk much and used to think if we will gel well or not. But then I got to know very soon that he is very intelligent and can talk on any topic. And I love talking. And since we both had a middle class upbringing, we both bonded well on sets.

The movie was earlier named Hasta La Vista before it was changed to Hasee Toh Phasee. Which title did you like the best?
I never liked Hasta La Vista. Vikas Bahl (Phantom production) came up with the name Hasee Toh Phasee. The title sprang out of the very weird and scary laugh my character has in the movie. Although it doesn’t compliment the film completely, it’s a very catchy title I feel.

Parineeti, your performances have always been appreciated but a blockbuster hit has so far eluded your career. Don’t you think it’s time for one now?
I am sure it’s time for a blockbuster hit. But whenever I am acting in a movie I don’t think much about the crores my movie will end up making. I would want every movie of mine to make as much as profit as it can. But then that is not in my hand. And these day how much money a film ends up making also depends on the genre of the film. But unfortunately those genres of films don’t allow me to do much as they have only a five to ten minute role for the lead heroine.

Do you mean to say that masala blockbusters don’t give you the space to perform as an actress?
(Thinks) See that is not what I meant. What I am saying is that the correct marriage has to happen where it is a commercial film and the female role is also good. I have been offered many films in which I didn’t have much to do as an actress. Those might have made 100 crore but then I was like why should I do them.

So what kind of roles are you looking forward to doing?
See, I want to do those roles where I can go home and do some homework. When I go home, I should have that tension in mind thinking how I will play my role tomorrow. Till now for all the roles that I have played, I have prepared a lot. And that could be the reason why those roles turned out well and everyone appreciated it. So I don’t want to lose getting such kind of roles. Even in Hasee Toh Phasee, although it’s a romcom, my role is completely different.

We haven’t seen you pair opposite an older actor yet. Why?
I would love to work with all senior actors. I have grown up watching them and I would love to be in a film with them. I have been offered roles opposite senior actors earlier too but like I said I didn’t do them.

Was it opposite any of the Khans?
I shouldn’t give you any details. But I have been offered roles opposite almost everybody but even directors understood where I was coming from. I told them that ‘Listen I am not even there for 10 minutes, so what will I do.

But Khans do have an overpowering effect over their actresses?
(Cuts in) I don’t agree at all. In Cocktail, Deepika had a great role opposite Saif Ali Khan. And in Chennai Express which had Shah Rukh Khan in it, Deepika again had a super role. I never thought I missed seeing Deepika in Chennai Express. You can only understand how major one’s role is only after you read the script. For example, if it’s an action movie about the actor, then yes the actress will have no role to play in that. There are actresses who do films in which there are only five scenes and nothing more. I want to do films in which I have a major role. For instance, I would love to do a love story because in that the girl’s role would be equal.

Finally, tell us about this tiff between you and Alia Bhatt?
Nothing yaar. Basically Alia and I are friends. We get along very well. But this tiff thing is media created and there is no fight as such. She tells me nice things like I am a great actress and I speak Hindi well. I think Alia is going to be a huge star because she has everything in her that a big star needs. If I had been just a common audience and not an actress, I would also be a fan of her.