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Raj to confess his love for Avni in Zee TV’s Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

Director’s Kut Productions’ Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya on Zee TV has been having some thrilling and exciting sequences of late. First came the concert sequence where the lead pair Raj (Mishkat Varma) and Avni (Kaanchi Singh) got involved in a romantic song and dance scene. Later was Avni’s life-threatening scene wherein Raj saved her from the thin ledge positioned at a high point of a building.

And now in tonight’s episode will come the ‘big moment’ when Raj will realize his love for Avni.

So how will he confess his romantic feelings?

Well, the boy will go berserk in love, and will want to yell and proclaim that he is in love. So cute!!

The team shot this special sequence at the Filmcity helipad area with wind blowing away to glory. Raj will be seated in the car along with his sister Madhuri (Gunjan Khare) and brother-in-law Jasdhan (Anup Sharma). This will be when Madhuri will scold Raj for climbing such a height to save a girl. At this moment, Raj will go crazy and will talk about how he had to save Avni. He will blurt out the fact that he did so because he is in love with her. Even when Raj’s sister will go numb at this declaration, Raj will get out of his car, throw his hands up in the air and will scream announcing to the world that he loves Avni.

Aah, a visual treat indeed!!! But soon after this, viewers will also see some drama in the form of Raj noticing Avni travelling. He will immediately rush into his car and will want to follow her in order to tell her about his love. But Raj will unfortunately meet with a freaky accident when he will almost barge into another guy’s car.

And this will be the sequence where Abhaas, essayed by Parichay Sharma will make his grand entry in the show. As reported by Tellychakkar.com, Abhaas happens to be the rebellious brother of Avni. Abhaas and Raj will get into a verbal argument wherein the former will lose his cool.

When contacted, Mishkat told us, “Yes, Raj has realized that he is in love. He will go mad in announcing it in tonight’s episode.”
Get ready for this dramatic scene in Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya!!!