Posted March 1, 2014 by admin in Bollywood

“Sonam’s bikini act could give Bewakoofiyaan a good opening”, thinks Anil Kapoor

For the first time ever in her career, Sonam Kapoor will be seen wearing a two-piece bikini. Not surprisingly, the move has generated a lot of buzz and interest among cine-goers. Though Sonam herself doesn’t think much about wearing a bikini, her father Anil Kapoor is of the opinion that the bikini could end up giving the movie a good opening.

Revealing this at an interaction with college students yesterday, Sonam said, “My dad had absolutely no problems with me wearing a bikini. He is an actor himself and always encourages people to do the right thing required for the role. In fact, he feels my bikini could end up giving Bewakoofiyaan a good opening.”

Clarifying that she was not asked by YRF to wear a bikini, Sonam said that it was her idea to wear one while in the pool. “We were planning to play throw ball in the pool and I myself suggested this idea of donning a bikini to my director, Nupur who was cool about it.”

And for those expecting to see more of the bikini clad Sonam in the movie, the bad news is that there is not much in the offing. “Whatever you have seen in the trailer is what you will finally see in the movie too. Nothing more and nothing less,” said Sonam.

Bewakoofiyaan co-starring Ayushmann Khurrana, Sonam Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor will hit cinema screens on 14 March (2014).