Posted December 11, 2013 by admin in Bollywood

Sushant and Ankita move into a new home; all set to take marital vows

Many wonderful things are happening to Sushant Singh Rajput’s career and personal life. For starters, Sushant and his girlfriend Ankita Lokhande have moved into a brand new home in Malad (Mumbai), and yes, the two are getting married.

Confirming this Sushant says, “We moved into a new place on 11 November. It’s much more spacious than our old home. I’ve my own room for a home theatre and that’s a big thing for me. We’re planning to get married very soon, probably in the next few months. We’ve living in together for four years. Marriage seems like just a natural progression.”

Sushant says Ankita is not as ambitious as he is. “She is doing very well on television and she was offered a couple of very big films. But they didn’t work out. She’s very happy in her space. I also want to be secure and happy in what I am doing, just like her.”

Didn’t his girlfriend Ankita recently slap him in public view? Sushant chuckles in genuine amusement. “Do you believe what you read and see? That isn’t the only baseless story doing the rounds. There was another story that I had a spat with someone in the gym. Initially I used to get affected by these stories. But then I started looking at the criticism philosophically. I rationalized it by arguing that all the good things that are happening to my life and career have to be balanced out with the glitches. That’s life. If you want a rose garden they come with the thorns. I know Ankita didn’t hit me. But what’s the point of clarifying when the damage is done? I guess this is the minus side of getting full credit for the success of a film even when you know there are many other factors that contributed to it.”

All the best…Sushant!!!